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Operating your own ticker plant is expensive and complex. Even if you've outsourced the feed handlers and middleware to a software vendor, you're still responsible for quite a bit of integration, day to day support of the data, and operations for your ticker plant.

Unlike any other vendor in the world today, ACTIV's solutions are able to deliver robust offering of global low latency direct-feeds, and all the benefits of a fully managed and consolidated market data feeds. This combination makes ACTIV the leader in fully managed low-latency technologies as well as content management.

Some of the ACTIV features which Global Institutions will benefit from include:

Global Distribution - If your business is truly global, building ticker plants in every market center is just not possible. ACTIV's technologies enable very efficient compression and redistribution of content so you can locate your ticker plants in strategic locations, and then redistribute low-latency content efficiently to each consuming location.

FanOut - One of ACTIV’s most distinguishing features is the ability to fan-out to subscribing applications, whether they are high-volume feeds, desktop trading platforms, or internet delivered devices.  The ACTIV Conflation technologies can reduce bandwidth, even dynamically based on load, and the Firewall Routing technologies can ensure distribution through even the most rigorous security policies.

Permissioning - ACTIV's market data system includes a fully featured and exchange approved permissioning system to allow either you or ACTIV to be Vendor of Record. Permissioning can be achieved for data sets including exchanges sources, internal data and even field level permissioning.

Fully Managed - All of ACTIV's solutions are fully managed. ACTIV's data quality team continuously manages the content, apply corporate actions data, and adjust for data errors. ACTIV's operational team monitor your ticker plant, load balance, and upgrade feed handlers, even when installed on your site.

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“ACTIV’s world class global market data offering adds significant value to our financial ecosystem.”

John Knuff, GM of Global Financial Services at Equinix